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A new or used car—which should you buy? If you are having a hard time deciding, read on. Found below are reasons for you to consider either of the two options.
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Make no mistake—a car title loan isn’t like an auto loan. An auto loan is something you obtain to purchase a vehicle. On the other hand, a car title loan is something you obtain by putting your vehicle on the line. Even in times of financial crises, it is never a good idea to take out a car title loan. It should be the last option, that which is only considered when all possibilities have been exhausted.
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Ever wondered if you can take out a no money down auto loan in Boston? Wonder no more. In Beantown, you can. If you are interested to get auto financing here but doesn’t have a hefty sum for down payment, read on below to find out what you will need to secure that loan.
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Ever wondered why there are different car loan interest rates? Why some people get better rates than others? Rates differ for several reasons, and listed below are some of the reasons why interest is not constant.
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It is often said that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. This is true in the auto lending business. A lot of rip-off artists and fraudsters have multiplied across the country. What’s worse is these guys often target people with less-than-perfect credit. You don’t have to be a victim. Learn how to avoid being scammed while trying to get financing for the car that you need.
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